Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project | Concept


Beyond the concepts of fashion, trend and trademark, the artist acts on the relationship between the individual’s identity and his/her outfit as declination of their personality. Thus he creates unique pieces created by mixing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles, accessories and a variety of styles, which speak of the person who wears them in an extremely intimate way. These are wearable sculptures that tell of the life of each individual, because made for each one of us. An authentic ready-to-wear interior revolt.

Each Sculpture Clothes Collection is presented with high-impact performances/events in unconventional frameworks.
Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project explores the field of “rebellion through beauty”, as in a contemporary fairy tale, each creation tells stories, a kind of democratic consciousness of metropolitan antagonism.

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project was first presented in 2004 at the Play Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures in Berlin with the performance Buy or Die, where models walked down the street runway, wearing the Sculpture Clothes and stopping the cars, showing off their unique works of art for the shooting session.

In 2005 the Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project presented the Doll’s Room Collection, followed by Freak Out and Get It a performance during Prague Biennale 2 and Falling in Love Makes Me Stupid \ Ponchos Collection curated by Stefanie Kreuzer hosted at NAK Neuer Aachener Kunstverein. In 2006 the Strip Tradition Aguante Carajo Gringo Collection was presented with a performance at México Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City and featured in the exhibition Sono incazzato nero e tutto questo non lo voglio piu’, curated by Andrea Lissoni, Viafarini, Milan. Here the performers screamed out in the dark gallery why they are pissed off and don’t want any of this anymore.

In 2008 Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project presented the project My Clothes a workshop with performance during Manifesta 7, Trento\Bolzan. Participants was invited to bring in a piece of his/her collection of clothes to be transformed in a wearable sculpture, where they could identify themselves with.

In 2013 the Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project exhibited the first Sculpture Shoes Collection, the so-called Juliet and the Forbidden Games Shoes at Studio La Città gallery (Verona) with fifteen models produced in unique pieces. The collection was presented with an ethereal performance: the model wore the Sculpture Shoes as a living sculpture and changing from time to time position but with no movement. The second one, named the Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Collection, was issued in the same year at Diana Lowenstein Gallery during the Art Basel Miami Beach art week. Each visitor at the gallery was invited to wear the Sculpture Shoes to attend the show.

In 2014 the brand new Bastardisation Sculpture Shoes Collection was nominated among 15 best fashion projects by DOMUS magazine. In the same year Noah Khoshbin, curator of Robert Wilson Watermill Center, invited Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project to take part in Luminaria Festival, San Antonio, TX, with the performance Bohemian Texas Street Home Fashion Show. The performance included a series of flash-mobs through the streets of the city with models wearing Sculptures Shoes and Clothes by Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project.

The following year, 2015, the Project presented the performance Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar during Milan Fashion Week hosted by Marsèlleria Permanent Exhibition. This was then followed by the site-specific project for Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome, Portrait Fashion Factory. Participants were invited to experience the live creation of Wearable Portraits out of old clothes and attend a look book session and red-carpet walk.

In 2017, Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project reinvented a classic: the cotton tote bag for the press packages of 8th Edition Ventura Lambrate, Milan and the launch of Ventura Centrale. 500 unique pieces making a huge recover of creative processes taking designers from their ideas to prototypes.

Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project now produces wearable sculptures like clothes, caps, dresses, bags and shoes, edited in unique piece, to collect and wear. Each artwork is provided with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.