Strip Tradition Aguante Gringo Carajo, Play Gallery, Maco México, 2006

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Strip Tradition Aguante Gringo Carajo
MACO MéXICO, 27th-30th April 2006

Three models will wear the D.G. Clothes Project collection: trucker hats, man-shirt ponchos (produced out of shirts taken from the gallerist’s wardrobe), bikinis and bijoux-like decorated police hand cuffs. The models walked in front of and near the stand of the gallery booth. The male passers-by were taken abruptly taken out of their passive audience status and into the gallery’s booth, they were hand-cuffed to one of the three platforms. Each model stepped on the platform and showed herself for a minute. Then, the model started to undress herself and, once completely naked, she posed as a classical statue. The models represented three different kinds of women:

– the contemporary-shopping woman

– the transgression-bound woman

– the muse

photo credits Regina Geisler

Eventually, they will be charging the space with emotional states to acquire authority by getting rid of /undressing themselves of traditional taboos in front of strangers-gringos. The performance was especially conceived for MACO 2006 and has taken place twice a day during the art fair.

“My performances are energetic and usually have a strong impact on the audience. They are a form of rebellion through beauty, in order to obtain spaces for individual freedom turning the space into a ritual and the objects to be worn into vehicles for action. As in the previous projects, as well as the performance Strip-tradition aguante gringo carajo; consists of the interaction private / public, of bringing the energy of the street in the exhibition space and, at the same time, of spreading creative transgression onto the street. It is a work on life-style / the expression of emotions, one’s own condition as a state of liberation, the change as interpretation of life on stage.” Daniel González

photo credits Regina Geisler