In You I Taste God, Pulse Art Fair, Miami, 2008

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
In You I Taste God

Pulse Art Fair, Miami | December, 2008
performance for Vernon Gallery, Prague

IN YOU I TASTE GOD_invitation

Daniel González is a multifaceted, Berlin-based artist and his projects are an explosive mixture of appealing ingredients : beauty, freedom, rebellion, passion and humor.

González’s works speak to those things we care for most, but often forget. Everyday we queue at the bank, at the post office, to get into the cinema. Tons of wasted time. With the performance “In you I taste God” we turn waiting time into AFFECTIVE time.
Waiting in contemporary society is directly linked to wasting time.In this performance affection will take over the time of wait.

Facing a cash register, in a bar inside the fair or at the ticket desk at the entrance, will be queuing between 5 to 10 couples chosen from any sexual preference, age or social origin. Following the logic of the line and waiting for their turn for a few moments, the couples will kiss for 5 minutes. After this time they will leave the queue taking different directions.

Photo credits Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project