Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project for Ventura Projects, Milan Design Week, 2017

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project for Ventura Projects
“TEST series” customised cotton shoppers in unique pieces, 2017

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project, a regular member of the Ventura family, has seen Ventura Lambrate grow and Ventura Centrale arise. This year Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project takes his art-applietd-to-fashion works to a new level, providing both Ventura Projects with a series of customised cotton shoppers, showing the different stages in the creative process of designers – from idea to prototype to product.

“Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project for Ventura Projects” presented a series of unique press package shoppers.

Ventura Projects selected Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project for its distinctive character to go beyond the concepts of fashion, trend and trademark and the ability to exploit a deep research on the relationship between identity and outfit as declination of personality. Since 2004 Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project is creating collections of Unique Wearable Artworks with an unconventional mesh-up of materials, fabrics and styles.

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
“Test Series” customized-cotton shoppers’ series, unique pieces, 2017

The press package shoppers by Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project present “Test Series” a design-inspired palette of processes, which are taking designers from ideas to their first scale projects and prototypes. “Test Series” is going through the different stages of designers’ creative inspirations and choices: a case history of design techniques and processes, from fabric samples to stencils, painting, prints and sewing. There you will find the colour proof selection, together with pattern trials and iconic layouts. In “Test Series” each creative process test becomes a finished design object itself.
Lines, forms and materials will mingle together over the cotton shopper canvas turned into a Unique Work-of-Art, through the vision by the Argentine artist Daniel González.

photo credits Claudio Devizzi Grassi & Studio Daniel González

photo courtesy the artist


Ventura Lambrate, 8th edition, April 4-9, 2017, Lambrate, Milan
Ventura Centrale, 1st edition, April 4-9, 2017, Milan central train station http://www.venturaprojects.com