10 Years D.G. Clothes Project | Buy or Die, Performance, Berlin, 2004

10 Years D.G. Clothes Project
“PLAY_ground No. I – BUY or DIE a Clothes Project”
Dec 16th, 2004 – 7 pm
PLAY Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures, Berlin


Daniel González, Argentinian artist will be hosted by Play Gallery for a fashion show.
During the catwalk, every girl who is interested in modelling can come, dress up and walk through the red carpet. We are all eager to do it here in the gallery!
Trust the Argentinian: your beauty will come out as soon as you wear his clothes. See you on the red carpet, beautiful ladies…


photo by: Regina Geisler
clothes by: Daniel González
make-up: uslu airline
special thanks to Gea Politi


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