Luminaria Festival: Performance Video

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Bohemian Texas Street Home Fashion Show

LUMINARIA FESTIVAL | November 7th – 8th, 2014
Performance video

The Fashion Show was in flash mob style. Here you will see some photos from the red carpet action

The Artist linked the project to the theme of light as from Luminaria Festival name and asked to the citizens of San Antonio to lend me lamps coming from their homes. These have been clipped to the architecture-dresses, making them perform in the action.
These lamps have been subsequently signed and gave back to their legitimate owners. In this way a common object of daily use, such a table lamp or a chandelier, got back to their original framework of existance, with an additional value coming from the artistic experience.
As you will see in the video, the performers are pushing one another as they cross by on the red carpet. With this action, they are actually pushing further the boundaries of their personal space, modifying the idea of personal frontier. This is ideologically linked to the story of the City of San Antonio, a membrane between Mexico and the United States.
The performance was more a series of flash mobs. One of them was at the cross-lights in the Festival area, where the performers were walking over the zebra-crossing in opposite directions, respecting the signal timing with no restrain. Respecting the signal rule shifting its meaning.
In the end you will see also the catwalk on the red carpet, where the ladies leave the lamps on the ground, after cutting themselves the dresses, with a liberating act. All performances were accompanied with the music by Ninos du Brasil.


Video Credits
Luminaria 2014
San Antonio, Texas, USA
November 7-8

Artistic Director Noah Khoshbin
Co-Curator of Artistic Programming Zoe Kirkpatrick
Executive Producer Ethel Shipton
Executive Consultant Ali Hossaini

Project by
Daniel González

Project assistant
Elena Girelli

Lani Engler
Pamela Gomez
Barbara Miñarro
Laura Odegaard
Diamond Mascorro
Eva Podanoffsky
Azure Ramos
Mariel Sanchez
Gabriela Sierra
Lilia Zamarripa

“Tuppelo” – “Esseghelo Tropical”
Ninos du Brasil

Molly Knutson
Veronika Guerra
Cass Libhart

Bear Kirkpatrick
Sam Khoshbin

Special thanks
Noah Khoshbin
Zoe Kirkpatrick
Jen Khoshbin
Sarah Fisch
Bear Kirkpatrick
Agosto Cuellar
Patricia Lujuan
David Zamarripa
Kathy Armstrong
Southwest School of Arts, San Antonio, TX

Thanks to
All lamp donors and non-professional models with their friends and relatives

City of San Antonio to allow the flash mob performances

All volunteers and staff of Luminaria Festival



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