NEW COLLECTION: Cheaper Fast Love Sculpture Shoes Collection, 2015

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Cheaper Fast Love

New Sculpture Shoes Collection

“Cheaper Fast Love” Sculpture Shoes collection has been presented during the sixth edition of Ventura Lambrate, during the 2015 Milan Design Week with the name-sake performance.

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project explores the interactions of art and fashion. Beyond concepts of logos and trends, the artist acts on the relationship between the individual’s identity and his outfit as declination of his personality.
Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project creates wearable sculptures as unique pieces, created by mixing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles, accessories in a variety of styles, adding not only a visible beauty, but also a mental one. These are presented in performances unfolding tales about life, about fighting for conquering freedom over the abyss of desire and thought, hidden in the every-day intimacy of working suits, shoes and accessories.


Performance hour:
Wednesday April 15th, 6.30pm CEST/Rome Time Zone
Friday April 17th 5pm CEST/Rome Time Zone

LIVE STREAMING on Periscope (Daniel González – GonzalezArtist profile)

Performance & Collection info
Elena Girelli – ph +39 349 0996114

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