UPCOMING: Portrait Fashion Factory, performance, Santo Spirito, Rome, May 14th, 2015

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Portrait Fashion Factory

Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito, Rome
Thursday May 14th, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project, Cut-Up Sculpture Dress Collection #5, 2015 (1)

curated by Valentina Ciarallo
Thursday May 14th, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm
*** LIVE STREAMING on Periscope @GonzalezArtist profile ***
Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia
Borgo Santo Spirito 2, Roma

The artist Daniel González invites you to experience the live creation of Wearable Sculptures during the performance Portrait Fashion Factory by D.G. Clothes Project at the Santo Spirito exhibition space on May 14th from 6pm to 9pm.

After a short interview about preferences and attitude, the artist will create your own Portrait Dress out of your old clothes, such as t-shirt, pants, sweater, jacket or skirt. You will walk down the red carpet wearing the unique Sculpture Dress representing yourself.

The Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project factory is moving for one night to the breathtaking framework of the Santo Spirito in Sassia location, place created in the XV Cent. by Pope Sisto IV to welcome pilgrims in Rome. During the performance, the D.G. Clothes Project Factory will produce Wearable Sculptures in unique pieces, “mixing shoes, t-shirt, objects, fabrics, accessories and different styles to create clothes that represents in a unique intimate way the person wearing them”.

Founded in 2004 by Daniel González, the D.G. Clothes Project develops a unique approach to fashion using materials, styles and forms with a visionary mash-up, adding an intrinsic conceptual value. Each creation is a unique piece, born within a thematic project or collection, following the imaginary of every single personality, like portraits do.


Part of these Wearable Sculptures will be afterwards exhibited at the Valentina Bonomo Gallery during the solo show “Super Reality” opening on May 19th in via del Portico d’Ottavia 13 in Rome. The exhibition will be displaying a selection of latest artworks in hand-sewn sequins, such as the Banner Paintings or Flowerpot Scultpures, together with the hand-made collage in mylar as Wall Paintings or Ephemeral Architectures.


Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Portrait Fashion Factory “C’mon! Come with your old clothes!”
curated by Valentina Ciarallo
Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia
Borgo S. Spirito, 2 – 00193 Roma
Free entry
Thursday May 14th, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm (Italy time zone)
***LIVE STREAMING on Periscope app (Daniel González – @GonzalezArtist profile)


Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Elena Girelli ph. +39 349 0996 114 danielgonzalez.project@gmail.com

To take part to the performance with a piece of clothes, please RSVP at info@giubilarte.it


The performance is realized with the institutional support by Argentine Embassy in Italy
official make-up by MAC Cosmetics, leader brand in professional make-up
in collaboration with Lab Costume
in collaboration with the students from IED Management e Comunicazione, Rome
thanks to IED, Rome
thanks to Angelina

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