Make-Up & Hairstyle at Portrait Fashion Factory Performance, Rome, 2015

Photo credits G. Malaguti
courtesy the Artist & Giubilarte

Here there is a quick focus on make-up and hairstyle during “Portrait Fashion Factory” performance.
This is a big shout-out for MAC Cosmetics, Italia, namely Michele Magnani, senior make-up artist, Barbara De Poli, artist relations manager and Romina Ripepi, PR manager.
They created this unique texture with inspired colours from the “Cut-Up Wearable Sculpture Collectuion” by Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project.
Simona Rapagnani was the hear stylist who created wonderful dynamics over the heads of our models with micro-sculpture by Daniel González.

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Cut-Up Sculpture Clothes Collection 

premiered during “Portrait Fashion Factory” Performance

M·A·C Cosmetics, Italia
Magnani Michele, Global senior artist
Barbara De Poli, Artist relations manager
Romina Ripepi, PR manager

Hair Stylist
Simona Rapagnani

Press inquiries:

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project Elena Girelli ph. +39 349 0996 114

Visit the “Portrait Fashion Factory” Project Page

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