Austin Fashion Week: Bastardisation Bag Collection, 2017


All Bags are manufactured in Italy
leather or eco-leather prime quality

Bastardisation Bags Collection, 2017

Feminine sensuality, finally free of contemporary conventions, unabashedly expresses its most deep and hidden nuances. Feathers, gold leaf, tulle and sequins unite to exalt the beauty of the contemporary lady, delighting her feelings and accentuating her personality.
Beyond the concepts of fashion, trend and trademark Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project has the ability to exploit a deep research on the relationship between identity and outfit as declination of personality. The Sculpture Shoes by Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project create a space for expressing feminine unicity and personal freedom in everyday life. Be yourself! Free yourself!
The classic tote bag is reinvented through the vision by Daniel González D.G.Clothes Project. Handles and seams characterized by an individual genesis acquire new meaning only through their combination. These Bags are mixing mindsets and culture usually associated to the traditional tote bag form and prêt-à-porter handles.
As in a contemporary fairy tale, each Artwork is a one-off piece, which tells stories, a kind of democratic consciousness of metropolitan antagonism. These are Wearable Sculptures that speak about the life of everyone, because made for each one of us. An authentic ready-to-wear interior revolt.

Runway Production Austin Fashion Week
Photographers: Todd White / Gregg Cestaro / Candice Ghai / Carlos Barron
Music Valeria Ventrella
Production and direction by Studio Daniel González

Where to buy: ONLINE
in the US: our showroom in Chelsea, New York & Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami
in Italy: our showroom in Verona

Press & Retail Inquiries
Elena Girelli, project manager
ph. US +1 347 3349929 IT +39 349 0996114
dgcp (at) daniel-gonzalez (dot) com