Performance trailer: Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project
Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar

Marsèll, via Paullo 12A, Milan – 27 febbraio 2015
performance trailer – waiting for the long version

‘Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar’ is a performance by artist Daniel González specifically intended for Marsèlleria – the permanent laboratory working on the contemporary created by Marsèll in Milan.
The performance is part of the D.G. Clothes Project, initiated in 2004, through which Daniel González explores the subject of ‘rebellion through beauty’ beyond the concepts of fashion, trend, and trademark, acting on the relationship between the individual, his identity, and his outfit, as an airing of his personality. This results in unique pieces, wearable sculptures which speak of the person who wears them in an extremely intimate way.
Throughout the centuries, in the history of culture, beauty standards have imposed models and stereotypes of perfection on women, the aesthetic concept of dress being placed in direct relation to power and social adhesion. In modern society clothing is a means of identification. Few, however, are able to declare themselves, and find it easier and more immediate to communicate a sense of belonging within groups or social roles. Never has an aesthetic expression corresponded to the externalization of one’s own intimacy, that which always remains shrouded, hidden, simulated.
Based on this premise, the performance/catwalk ‘Aaaaaaahhh Anthology of a Liar’ creates a mise-en-scene that reconsiders the identity of women: the performers, inspired by the D.G. Clothes Project’s sculptures, express their deepest and most primordial emotions.
The unique pieces created by González seek to establish a more intimate and truthful relationship with those who wear them: not models, but subjects who overturn the falsified circles of signification ripened through centuries of culture, with the purpose of reclaiming their singular uniqueness.

About Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project produces unique pieces created by mixing clothes, shoes, objects, textiles, accessories and a variety of styles, which speak of the person who wears them in an extremely intimate way.
As in a contemporary fairy tale, each carries stories, a sort of democratic consciousness, a metropolitan antagonism. They are wearable sculptures that tell of the life of each individual, because they are made for each one of us. An authentic ready-to-wear inner riot.
Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project was first presented in 2004 at the Play Gallery for Still and Motion Pictures in Berlin with the performance Buy or Die curated by Gea Politi. Among the numerous performances, we like to mention Falling in Love Makes Me Stupid/Ponchos Collection curated by Stefanie Kreuzer for Neuer Aachener Kunstverein in 2005 (Aachen, Germany); Strip Tradition Aguante Carajo Gringo at México Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City and Sono incazzato nero e tutto questo non lo voglio più, curated by Andrea Lissoni, Viafarini, Milan in 2006.
In 2008 the artist presented the project My Clothes performance/workshop curated by Silvia Conta within MANIFESTA 7, Trento/Bolzano and the performance In You I Taste God realized during the Pulse Art Fair in Miami.
In 2013 Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project was presented at Studio La Città (Verona) with the first collection of sculpture shoes Juliet & the Forbidden Games Shoes and at Diana Lowenstein Gallery in Miami with the Criminal Aesthetic Fashion Collection.
In 2014 Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project presented the brand new Bastardisation Sculpture Shoes Collection during Milan Design Week 2014 at the fifth edition of the Ventura Lambrate design fair. The same year Daniel González has been invited by Noah Khoshbin, curator of Robert Wilson Watermill Center, NY, to take part in Luminaria Festival, San Antonio, TX, with the performance Bohemian Texas Street Home Fashion Show.

Daniel González D.G. Clothes Project now includes clothes, caps, bags and shoes, produced as unique pieces, to collect and to wear.

Video making Alvin Mojetta
Photo shooting Talitha Dittfeld

Tanya Doubleday Rudkin AZA PR & Communication | T +39 02 36743753 | M +39 340 5800913
Marsèlleria permanent exhibition
Maddalena Bonicelli | M. +39 335 6857707

Elena Girelli | M. +39 349 0996114

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